Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eclipse Galileo overview

First of all I would like to thank organizers who made remarkable meeting in Israel.
In Eclipse project there are a lot of “things” that I wish talk about. But it's not issue here. The first feature I'm going to mention is a breadcrumb. It was offered since release 3.4. What's a matter? It appears in Java Editor by pressing Alt+Shift+B. Actually breadcrumb is a bar component. It combines the tree of the project explorer and the outline view. It also provides filtering capabilities. Nice and useful feature of Eclipse Java Editor, indeed. Here is a picture showing how it looks:

Second, has been added newest implementation of OSGi(Open Services Gateway Initiative) that includes declarative services (DS).
Services are dynamic. This means that a bundle can decide to withdraw its service from the registry while other bundles are still using this service. Bundles using such a service must then ensure that they no longer use the service object and drop any references. Using DS minimizes the 'pain' of service's life circle. In general, declarative service means that we can create a service and XML file to declare our service. OSGi takes care further on. It might look like this:

Third, if you develop eclipse based applications it could be interesting UI Test Automation available.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please bring you attention to SWTBot. SWTBot is a open-source Java project for testing SWT and Eclipse based applications. It provides SWTBot APIs that you can easily use them in your functional tests. It ships its own assertions that might be useful for SWT-like applications/modules. As bonus, you have record and play facilities. It also runs like Java's applications on all platforms.

Finally, when you getting either out of memory exceptions or time response of the application is slow, you would wish to take advantage of MAT (Memory Analyzer) contributed by SAP and IBM. It comes with two modes: either Eclipse plug-in or RCP stand alone application. It looks like this:

I hope you find it useful.

Anyway, Eclipse Galileo consists of a lot of improved mechanisms and futures. It's beyond of scope of this blog.

Thank you for reading this blog. Goodbye for the moment!